At Bicycle Cove we feel a positive riding experience relies almost completely on the connection between the body and bike.  Nagging aches, pains and injuries associated with your riding position are not the norm.  These issues can be addressed by Bicycle Cove's head fitter, Chris Leven, with our Comprehensive Fitting Session.  We want you to enjoy the sport as much as we do.  Therefore, whether you paid $600 or $6,000 on your bike, you deserve to be comfortable!  With 10+ years of professional fitting experience, Chris can help you eliminate the pain and become faster and more efficient.

Comprehensive Fitting Session - $180

  • Extensive flexibility and range-of-motion evaluation - Your position on the bike is limited to your body's abilities.  in order to accurately determine your optimum fit, key tests need to be performed to determine your flexibility, strength and range-of-motion.  We will extensively evaluate your hamstrings, hips, feet and a host of other body features that affect your position on the bike. 
  • Cleat alignment and shoe set-up - Your bike fit is only as good as your feet and cleats.  Off the bike, cleat fore and aft position is determined.  On the bike, lateral cleat position is adjusted.  Also cleat wedges may be added to improve your foot's alignment and connection to the pedals.
  • Bike adjustment - The meat and potatoes of the Comprehensive Fitting Session centers around the adjustment of various components of the bike.  During the bike adjustment portion of the fitting process, seat height/set-back, stem length/rise and other cockpit position parts are adjusted to dial in your position.

*Guaranteed for 1 year (certain exceptions apply) *Cost does not include parts *Additional installation charges may apply

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