What's your favorite color?

Blue hues of most colors

What's your favorite food?

I’m easy to please, but I could go for a burger Literally at any time.

What's your favorite drink?

Caffeine and Water. Not together, but it’s worth some thought.

What got you into cycling?

I grew up riding bikes with my family and even entertained opening up a custom bike shop at one point, before I figured out just how complicated it gets.

…But if working in a bike shop doesn’t get you into riding nothing will.

When did you start riding?


What year did you begin working in the cycling industry?


What made you choose to work in the industry?

It was generously offered to me after serving my time in the mall for 5 years.

What bikes do you currently own?

Bianchi Sport SX steelie, (sadly not “Bianchi Green”) Trek Top Fuel 8, (my shop demo)

If you could have any bike regardless of cost what would you choose?

One of each major style

What's your favorite local race or event?

I did the bike portion as a team with my family at the Huntsville Sprint Triathlon. 

I like the idea of the SORBA Time Trials but I haven’t yet participated.

Who is your favorite pro cyclist?

She’s not a pro yet, but my mother! 

What would your dream cycling trip look like?

BikePacking. Just say when.

What's your fondest cycling memory?

Shredding Oak Mountain on my rigid frame Trek with my 3 siblings.