Ruth Marie Oliver

 What's your favorite color?


What's your favorite food?

Pizza! You can ask Any of my friends.

What's your favorite drink?

Beer, and Fat Tire is awesome.

What got you into cycling?

My Momma called me fat. True story. I started with swimming and running, then realized that if I got a bike I could be a Bad A** Triathlete, so I did.

When did you start riding?

May of 2012

What year did you begin working in the cycling industry?

April of 2018

What made you choose to work in the industry?

I thought it was going to be a side gig, but it’s turned into much more than that. I just really love helping people find their perfect bike.

What bikes do you currently own?

'18 Madone 9.8 & Team frame, custom build Boone

If you could have any bike regardless of cost what would you choose?

I will take a β€˜19 Madone SLR9 Disc

What's your favorite local race or event?

The Huntsville Sprint Triathlon

Who is your favorite pro cyclist?

Katie Compton is pretty awesome.

What would your dream cycling trip look like?

I would love to take a week long touring ride in Ireland.

What's your fondest cycling memory?

My fondest memory is of my trip to Door County, Wisconsin. We rode our bikes to a ferry, rode the ferry across to Washington Island, cyclebiked the Island, and stopped for beer of course.