My love affair with the bicycle started with a gnarly endo and badly dislocated finger.  It was the spring of 1998, and I was aboard a borrowed mountain bike descending some rocky singletrack with a group of friends.  My inexperience and incredibly slow speed meant as soon as my front wheel tagged a nice sized rock, I was a goner.  I popped my finger back in, remounted the bike, and as they say, β€œThe rest is history.”  

The sport quickly consumed me and through the years cycling and I became synonymous.  Besides just riding one, I had to find a way to better incorporate bicycles into my life.  I landed a seasonal part time job at a local shop while I was in school.  After I left college and sowed my wild oats, I discovered I wanted to spend the rest of my life sharing my passion for cycling with the rest of the world.  My seasonal job turned into a full time gig, and before I knew it I was a shop manager.  Sharing with customers my affection for the bike was very rewarding. However, after 10+ years in the industry, I had reached a crossroads.  The time had come to finally turn my love affair into a career. 

I was approached by my brother-in-law, local physician Jonathan Krichev of Cove Medicine, to join him and make the switch to shop ownership.  A well respected doctor and avid member of the Huntsville cycling and triathlon community, Jon has always fostered a desire to own a bike shop.  So, In the summer of 2010 my family and I chose to partner with Jon to bring a new bicycle buying experience to the people of Hampton Cove and Huntsville.  Bicycle Cove was born.

My wife, Jessica, comes to the industry after a rewarding career in counseling. Although she does not have my experience, she loves the outdoors, meeting new people, and cycling for stress relief and fitness. Jessica's infectious and fun personality embodies everything Bicycle Cove is about.  I've yet to meet anyone who makes the bike shopping experience as fun as my wife.

Our junior staff members, Max and Jacob,are always bringing the fun. Chances are when you come to the store they will be burning rubber and having the time of their lives.  There is nothing more rewarding than getting to share your passion with your children!  For that I am truly grateful.

Nick Wigginton joined the Bicycle Cove family in 2013.  Currently an electrical engineer student at UAH, Nick started out as a BC customer.  We are glad he converted into one of our techs!  Nick is our resident triathlete, and has quickly become our staff multisport expert. In 2014 Nick became an Ironman after finishing Ironman Louisville.  It's safe to say Nick knows a thing or two about triathlon! So, if it's triathlon knowledge or bike work you need, Nick is your man! 

Dawson Sanders is the newest member of the Bicycle Cove family.  A junior in high school, Dawson is currently one of the fastest athletes on the local NICA High School Mountain Bike circuit.  When he's not going to school or getting down on the local trails, Dawson can be found crankin' out bike builds for us.  So, if you purchased your bike within the last several months, Dawson is more than likely the guy who assembled it!

We invite you to come to Bicycle Cove where our ultimate goal is to break down the barriers that keep people from falling in love with cycling.  Whether you need an advocate for safe places to ride, a massive selection of bikes and accessories or first rate customer service, Bicycle Cove is your shop.  To me, there is nothing more fulfilling than helping people enjoy the bike as much I do.  Now I get to share this joy with my family and you!  Thank you current and future cyclists of Huntsville for the incredible opportunity to share my passion for cycling with you.  My family, staff and I look forward to serving the community and providing the bicycle buying experience you deserve!

Chris Leven