What's your favorite color?


What's your favorite food?


What's your favorite drink?

Mountain Dew

What got you into cycling?

Transitioning from running to cycling, and an interest in triathlons. 

When did you start riding?


When did you begin working in the cycling industry?


What made you choose to work in the industry?

I'm a tech geek who wants to know the all of the technical ins and outs of a bike.

What bikes do you currently own?

'16 Cervelo S5 Sram Red
'12 Trek Speed Concept 7 series
'17 Trek Stache 9.6


If you could have any bike regardless of cost what would you choose?

Canyon Speedmax CF with Lightweight wheels

What's your favorite local race or event?

Lake Guntersville Olympic Triathlon because of the super challenging bike course. 

Who is your favorite pro cyclist?

Craig Alexander

What would your dream cycling trip look like?

I would like to ride every single stage of the Tour de France

What's your fondest cycling memory?

Crossing the finish line at Ironman Louisville!