Tom Robichaux

Mechanic at Bicycle Cove

Trek Certified Bicycle Mechanic!

What's your favorite color?

Miami Green to Volt Green fade.

What's your favorite food?

Waffle House

What's your favorite drink?


SRAM or Shimano?


What got you into cycling?

Working in a bike shop will usually do it.

When did you start riding?

After starting work at the shop.

What year did you begin working in the cycling industry?


What made you choose to work in the industry?

I like to work with my hands.

What bikes do you currently ride?

‘19 Trek Slash 8 Fade

If you could have any bike regardless of cost what would you choose?

Project One Trek Slash 9.9 RaceShopLimited(RSL)

What's your favorite local race or event?

Spring Krusher and MS Ride

Who is your favorite pro cyclist?

Brett Rheeder

What would your dream cycling trip look like?

Anywhere pretty and mountainous with lots of downhill.

What's your fondest cycling memory?

When I shredded my shin on my Line Pro pedals in the store in front of customers.