Why Buy Your Bike From Us?

Free Service

All new bikes go through a break-in process when cables stretch, bearing assemblies settle and bolts come loose.  When this happens your new bike needs a complete Good Tune, and at Bicycle Cove the first one's on us.  The break-in process may happen within a month, or could take longer.  Therefore, we give you six months from the date of purchase to take advantage of your first free Good Tune ($75 value).  This service is so important we will send you an email reminder in case you forget!

Fit Guarantee

We can't stress enough just how important it is to have your new bicycle fit you correctly.  Therefore, every new bike purchase includes a brief bike sizing procedure.  This free service will help determine appropriate frame size, saddle height and help you get acquainted with your new bike in a relaxed environment.  We also encourage our customer's to take advantage of our Comprehensive Fitting Session, which is designed to help create a more specific connection between you and the bike.  However, if we made a mistake and sold you the wrong size bike, we will exchange the frame free of charge within 30 days.

Our Bikes are "Ready-to-Ride"

When we go out for a ride - other than a helmet and bike - there are three items we will NEVER leave home without: water, flat-tire repair kit and computer.  So, why should you?  We don't want you to ride without these necessities either.  Therefore, every new bike at Bicycle Cove comes conveniently outfitted with our optional Ready-to-Ride Package.  The optional Ready-to-Ride package includes a water bottle and cage, wireless computer and flat repair kit all discounted with bike purchase.  When you leave Bicycle Cove with your shiny new bike it will be Ready-to-Ride!

Lifetime Warranty

We chose the brands we carry because Trek, Felt and Cervelo stand behind their products like nobody else in the industry.  Every bike we sell at Bicycle Cove comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the frame. This warranty entitles the original owner lifetime frame coverage against defects in materials and workmanship.  Furthermore, if the damage to your frame is not a warranty, Trek and Cervelo reward loyal customers with discounts towards the replacement of your frame or bike.  Peace of mind is free with your bike purchase!